General talks 2003/4

May 18, 2004
Ede Zimmermann, University of Frankfurt
Opaque Objects: Quantification vs. Predication

April 23, 2004 (Friday 11:00-12:30) - Special Event
Giusi Ronzitti
On the possibility of classifying color predicates without setting boundaries

April 20, 2004
Henk Zeevat, UvA
Uniform Contexts for Cognition?

Februari 24, 2004
Gertjan Postma, University of Nijmegen
Across-the-board extraction of negation? (Or: how to change scope without movement)

December 9, 2003
Paul Dekker, University of Amsterdam
Presupposition and Quantification in Extraordinary English
November 11, 2003
Henriëtte de Swart, University of Utrecht
Form and meaning of negation in natural language: a bidirectional OT approach