research talks 2001/2

September 25
Jenny Doetjes , University of Utrecht
Two properties, four types: a classification of adverbs of quantity
October 30
Frank Wijnen, University of Utrecht
The interpretation of bare quantifiers in context
November, 27
Jennifer Spenader, Stockholm University, Dept. of Computational Linguistics,University of Nijmegen, Dept. of Philosophy
Presupposition or Abstract Object Anaphor? : Constraints on Choice of Factive Complement in Spoken English
March 26
Petra Hendriks, University of Groningen
Either-or constructions as focus particle constructions
April 16
Martina Faller, MPI Nijmegen/University of Nijmegen, Dept. Linguistics
Evidentiality in Quechua: Some implications for theories of meaning
May 21
Maria Aloni, University of Amsterdam
Pragmatics in Optimality Theory: a case study